Humor in Hospice

I wanted to tell you one of my favorites…a story for those that think Hospice is just sad and gloom and doom all the time.

A few years ago, two of my patients were brothers, both in their 90’s. As expected, the older one was more reserved and the younger more gregarious.

One afternoon when I arrived at their Assisted Living Residence, they were sitting side by side out on the patio for snack time. I grabbed a patio chair and sat facing them and quickly noticed that they were having trouble juggling their cups of juice and trail mix (nuts, raisins, candies, etc) also served in a cup.

I looked for a little table that I could set between them for them to use so they wouldn’t have to keep juggling. No table available. So I sat back down and held my hands out and asked “is there anything I can hold for you?”

“Just my nuts”, said the younger brother (94 years young I think then).

He and I laughed until we were crying, I was scared he might aspirate. Meanwhile his older, more dignified brother (96?) Just shook his head like “there he goes again.”


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