The Vision

When I began my career as a hospice nurse, it was such a perfect fit! It was like God took all these different pieces of me that He created and snapped them into place like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. It’s what He made me for, what I was born for.

He has laid it on mine and my husband’s hearts to open a Social Model Hospice House for folks that are truly at the end of life, some of them having no one to be with them and no resources to pay for other care. We plan to create and open Christ’s House Hospice, a not-for-profit Social Model Hospice House where the dying will be cared for, comforted and comfortable in their last days, and treated with the dignity they so deserve.

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“I remember meeting Susie Vincent when she came in for an interview. It was for an RN case manager at the hospice I was working for at the time . . . . Hospice nursing is about the story of the patient’s journey, but the nurse also has his or her own story as part of their history. I knew Susie would be asked to tell her story about what had drawn her to working with patients that are facing a life-threatening illness. Susie was hired and has shown exemplary compassion and skill in caring for clients. She feels it is a call from God and that gives her strength to carry out her responsibilities. – Debbie Summers, RN BSN.