Your cane might help….

Yesterday, a Facebook “memory” popped up that made me giggle.

The “memory” was from several years ago about how one of my elderly female hospice patients was considering how to maneuver the stairs in her home.

She was as stubborn and feisty as they come.   When she first admitted to hospice, she was adamant that she and her daughter kept their long standing weekly lunch and nails date.  Their weekly dates continued for a couple of months until mom started her final decline and became too weak to get out of the house anymore.

It was at this point that her daughter requested a hospital bed was brought in to help her mom conserve energy and help her get in/out of bed.  When my patient saw the bed, she stated very (VERY) clearly and colorfully there was no way she was going to use that bed and demanded “get that bed out of here.  When I go to bed to die, it will be in my own bed!”  We couldn’t even get permission to leave the bed in the study for the time being.  So, the equipment company came and picked up the bed.

Which leads me back to the stairs.  My spitfire patient, is just standing there and staring at the staircase.  To which I offered, “your cane might help.”

“Aw, hell……”.  She proceeded up those stairs, took to her own bed and didn’t come down until the night she died.  Her tenacity, her steadfast determination to control what she could control at the end of her life still brings a smile to my face.  I kinda want to be like her.





Happy Birthday!

Today truly is a happy birthday 🙂
This week we received a letter from AmazonSmile that some lovely person(s) had selected Christ’s House Hospice Foundation as their charity of choice when shopping on Amazon (Amazon then donates 0.05% to the charity). The letter from AmazonSmile instructed us to register on their site, provide some information and we’d be on our way.
We looked into this last year and determined we were not eligible. Today, we received confirmation that we are in fact eligible and we are good to go!
Please consider supporting our foundation committed to continuing the conversation about hospice and end of life. Our ultimate goal is a Social Model Hospice House (a residential care home for routine hospice patients in their last days to weeks of life).
Humbly I ask that you share our link with your friends list if you feel so inclined. It is also a good time for us to send out requests to our friends lists to “like our page” so you may see that request if you haven’t received that already.
Thank you!
The specific link to shop and benefit Christ’s House Hospice Foundation is

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From Hospital to Hospice – Second Book

It’s time to get back to writing my second book.  The first book, From Hospital to Hospice – One Nurse’s Journey towards Grace at the Bedside was a parallel of my own family’s hospice journey alongside my early experiences as a hospice nurse.

Admitting to hospice can be such a scary time for patient/family/loved ones, that this second book will be more “technical” in nature of what to expect from the first phone call to the last.  I’m hoping it will be more of a handbook for readers, and something they will keep within easy reach when they have simple or complicated questions about their hospice admission, graduation, revocation or discharge.

Originally the book title was going to be “The H Word” because nobody really likes to say the “H” word.  I believe the reason for that hesitancy to voice the “H” word is due to fear and lack of understanding of what hospice really is.  There are so many “H” words that could be involved in hospice care (healing, hope, hospice, hospital, help), but a more appropriate title for this second book might be “Going Home on Hospice” or “A Hospice Handbook”.

In this book, we will get to know and follow a woman with a reoccurrence of breast cancer, and her decision to enter hospice care when her current aggressive treatments are no longer effective.  Stay tuned!