From Hospital to Hospice – Second Book

It’s time to get back to writing my second book.  The first book, From Hospital to Hospice – One Nurse’s Journey towards Grace at the Bedside was a parallel of my own family’s hospice journey alongside my early experiences as a hospice nurse.

Admitting to hospice can be such a scary time for patient/family/loved ones, that this second book will be more “technical” in nature of what to expect from the first phone call to the last.  I’m hoping it will be more of a handbook for readers, and something they will keep within easy reach when they have simple or complicated questions about their hospice admission, graduation, revocation or discharge.

Originally the book title was going to be “The H Word” because nobody really likes to say the “H” word.  I believe the reason for that hesitancy to voice the “H” word is due to fear and lack of understanding of what hospice really is.  There are so many “H” words that could be involved in hospice care (healing, hope, hospice, hospital, help), but a more appropriate title for this second book might be “Going Home on Hospice” or “A Hospice Handbook”.

In this book, we will get to know and follow a woman with a reoccurrence of breast cancer, and her decision to enter hospice care when her current aggressive treatments are no longer effective.  Stay tuned!




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